Scientists Urge World to Stop Killer Robots at Davos

The world must act quickly to avert a future in which autonomous robots with artificial intelligence roam the battlefields killing humans, scientists and arms experts warned at an elite gathering in the Swiss Alps. Rules must be agreed to prevent the development of such weapons, they said at a January 19-23 meeting of billionaires, scientists and political leaders… Read More »

Google Chrome 48 With Multiple Security Fixes Released for Desktop

Google has released the version 48.0.2564.82 of its Chrome browser for Linux, Windows, and OS X. The updated version brings several fixes and improvements on both desktop and mobile devices. The Chrome v48 brings a number of bug fixes most of which were detected using AddressSanitizer, Controle Flow Integrity, and MemorySanitizer codes, says the blog post. It also… Read More »

Adele’s Hello Becomes Fastest Video to Reach a Billion Views on YouTube

Adele has broken another record – her video for “Hello” is the quickest to reach one billion views on YouTube. “Hello,” a ballad that ended a four-year album hiatus for the British singer, entered the exclusive one billion-view club late Monday just 88 days after its release. It easily broke the speed record set by South Korean pop… Read More »

Facebook Should Have ‘Acquaintance’ Category

People cannot have 1,000 real friends on Facebook. Nor 500. In fact, anything over 200 starts seeming unlikely, an unusual study asserted on Wednesday. Limitations on brain capacity and free time meant that humans can nurture no more than about 150 true friendships on social media, just as in real life, said a paper in the journal Royal… Read More »

Commercial Drone Sales Expected To Increase By 84% In 2016

According to a recent report by Juniper Research, commercial drone sales are expected to rise by some 84% in 2016. In 2015 commercial drone sales were around $261 million, this is expected to rise to $481 million in 2016. Agriculture is expected to be the main sector where commercial drone sales will see the most significant increase. The… Read More »

AsteroidOS Open Source Smartwatch Operating System Under Development

Android Smartwatch owners that are interested in installing a more open source operating system on theirAndroid Wear smartwatch may be interested in a new operating system which is being developed called AsteroidOS. AsteroidOS has been specifically designed to replace your operating system on a range of different Android Wear smartwatches. AsteroidOS is a free and open-source smartwatch platform… Read More »

The best spring / summer 2015 trends for women over 40

You can find the latest trend report for fall and winter 2015 here. Spring is almost here so high time for our seasonly trends report! Get ready for a relaxed 70s vibe with soft flowery fabrics, suede and mildly swirling pants. Or go the complete opposite direction with more tailored looks that embrace the waist or play with asymmetrical lines. … Read More »

Hottest trend in bags: bucket bags – would you like a neutral or colorful one?

The bucket bag is quite possibly the biggest trend in bags right now. I love this casual yet chic bag that will be practical for every-day use. If you get a bucket bag with fringes, you tackle two main trends in one go and will immediately add that 70s vibe. Question is, what kind of bag do you need?… Read More »

How to wear a kimono

Boho chic is a major trend this season and it seems that the kimono is taking center stage. I have seen so many in shops already in all kinds of prints and fabrics. A colorful sheer kimono will certainly put you in the mood for spring! I love them combined with neutral colors, especially white, as the colors and… Read More »

The mid heeled slingback and why you should get a pair right now! Plus, join the shoe & tell linkup!

2 weeks ago I featured my funky Chie Mihari shoes and uploaded them to Cherie’s Shoe & Tell linkup. They were promptly chosen as her favorite shoes, so here I am co-hosting the linkup this week. I have decided to dedicate this special shoe article to the block heeled slingback. Why? Well, because of this shoe. This Chanel toe… Read More »