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Facebook tests an enhanced local search and discovery feature offering business suggestions

Facebook is testing an enhanced local search feature that could see the social network creeping in on Google Maps, Foursquare and Yelp territory, TechCrunch learned and Facebook confirmed. Facebook users are now able to surface recommendations of nearby places – like “dinner nearby” or “bars nearby,” for example  – by entering a query in Facebook’s search box on the web or… Read More »

Facebook Should Have ‘Acquaintance’ Category

People cannot have 1,000 real friends on Facebook. Nor 500. In fact, anything over 200 starts seeming unlikely, an unusual study asserted on Wednesday. Limitations on brain capacity and free time meant that humans can nurture no more than about 150 true friendships on social media, just as in real life, said a paper in the journal Royal… Read More »

Facebook Mentions App Finally Reaches Android

The Facebook Mentions app, which was launched for iOS users back in 2014, has finally made it to Android. The app lets public figures with verified profiles broadcast live videos, interact with followers, track trending stories, and more. The app also lets public figures post public updates without spamming their friends and family members. They can also post… Read More »

Facebook Co-Founder Gives Up on New Republic Magazine

The Facebook billionaire who promised to give new life to the venerable US liberal magazine The New Republic four years ago said Monday he was putting it back up for sale. Facebook co-founder Chris Hughes admitted in a public letter that he had misjudged how hard it would be to revive the teetering 100-year-old publication in the face… Read More »

Facebook Blocking Some Hike Messenger Ads, Claims Company

Popular mobile messaging app Hike has claimed that Facebook is blocking an option in its advertisements which allows people visit the company’s site. It’s worth noting that Facebook-owned WhatsApp is a rival service to Hike messaging app. A Hike spokesperson told PTI, “Advertisers have, among other options, the option to ‘Send people to your website’. A few weeks… Read More »

Facebook Messenger for Mac App in Development

Facebook is building an as-yet-unreleased Facebook Messenger app for Mac desktop that would help Apple users to instantly access it straight from the dock, a media report said. Instead of getting buried in one of many Web browser tabs that users have to switch to so they can text friends, the dedicated Messenger desktop app would be instantly… Read More »

Now, Facebook Launches Email Campaign to Save Free Basics

Facing flak for its controversy-ridden Internet platform Free Basics, Facebook has now launched an email campaign to garner support to its plea that Trai’s net neutrality rules should not “end up depriving people of the opportunity to come online”. The social media giant has already been running full-page advertisements in multiple dailies as part of its Free Basics… Read More »

Run 587km With Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg This Year

For those who love to run, here is another reason to do so in New Year. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has announced a new challenge for his 47 million followers on the social networking site: run. “I have a physical challenge for 2016 as well. I am going to run 365 miles (587km) and I’d love for as… Read More »

Facebook to Freeze Away Your Photos With Panasonic’s New Data Centre Solution

Panasonic at its pre-CES 2016 event on Tuesday announced it has developed an optical disc-based data archive system to meet the growing demand for storage and access of infrequently or never accessed data stored for the long term in data centres. Developed in collaboration with Facebook, Panasonic was able to design Freeze-Ray, an optical data archival solution that… Read More »

Woman Uses Facebook to Convince Thief to Return Purse

A woman from the Netherlands managed to find the thief who stole her purse through Facebook, which allowed her to contact him to return her purse along with its contents. Hetty Ermers from Leuth village had her purse stolen with EUR 350 (around $380 or roughly Rs. 25,136) inside when she was Christmas shopping in a market in… Read More »