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Top Fashion Lessons For 2017 that you need to Learn

For beginners, it is important to go step by step to improve your style, learning aspects of fashion and how it affects your image. Fashion means to wear that looks good on you, amplifying your best assets and hiding the ones that you do not feel good about. Assess yourself objectively with respect to the figure contours, shape,… Read More »

4 Different Types of loafers a Man Must have in his Shoe Rack

Loafer is one of the most preferred men’s footwear since many years. With these, you can get the ultimate experience of a gentlemen’s shoe which is combined with a sophisticated. Loafers came into inception around the year 1930 in the European country of Norway. Since then, as the years rolled on, various types of loafers have found their… Read More »

Online shopping – Cater your needs at your Door Step for Cheap Prices

Nowadays, online shopping is the most exciting and convenient way of shopping. It fulfils to every income group and despite has a huge customer base. It permits consumers to purchase goods and services from merchants or sellers using on the web. Several individuals search this most relaxed form of shopping, more so from the comfort of their home.… Read More »

The best spring / summer 2015 trends for women over 40

You can find the latest trend report for fall and winter 2015 here. Spring is almost here so high time for our seasonly trends report! Get ready for a relaxed 70s vibe with soft flowery fabrics, suede and mildly swirling pants. Or go the complete opposite direction with more tailored looks that embrace the waist or play with asymmetrical lines. … Read More »

Hottest trend in bags: bucket bags – would you like a neutral or colorful one?

The bucket bag is quite possibly the biggest trend in bags right now. I love this casual yet chic bag that will be practical for every-day use. If you get a bucket bag with fringes, you tackle two main trends in one go and will immediately add that 70s vibe. Question is, what kind of bag do you need?… Read More »

How to wear a kimono

Boho chic is a major trend this season and it seems that the kimono is taking center stage. I have seen so many in shops already in all kinds of prints and fabrics. A colorful sheer kimono will certainly put you in the mood for spring! I love them combined with neutral colors, especially white, as the colors and… Read More »

The best trends for fall 2015 for women over 40

Ready to have some fun this fall? Designers went bold for Fall 2015. Neutrals are out — color, luxury and texture are in. When looking at runway images, don’t be discouraged by the severe makeup looks and styling. It’s more about inspiration than taking the runway look literally. Sure, the looks seem unwearable, but the runway is like an opera stage.… Read More »

Best shoe trends and shoes for fall 2015

Shoes are important in any wardrobe. A great pair of shoes can truly lift your outfit or give a simple outfit a modern edge. Let’s look at the shoe trends for fall 2015 and some of my favorite shoes in stores now. I have tried to include comfort shoe brands into each of the selections for each trend. Inspired by… Read More »


Every once in a while it’s a refreshing change to see celebrities in basics. But obviously, with the best stylists in town, even their basic looks turn out to be total trendsetters. We spotted 5 B-town celebrities who know how to ‘werk’ it even when they’re dressed down… Shraddha Kapoor One of the youngest actors in B-Town was… Read More »


A one-day summit—’Women In The World’—was held recently at The Taj Mahal Hotel in Delhi. This was the seventh edition of the summit, which is the brainchild of media personality Tina Brown, also known for her bestselling biography on Princess Diana called ‘The Diana Chronicles’. The summit saw women leaders, politicians, activists and political personalities in attendance along… Read More »