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Need A Termite Treatment At Home? Here Are 3 Effective Solutions

Homeowners across the world dread termites but with the help of technological advancements you can now resort to three efficient termite treatment options. It is best, in the first place, to keep termites from getting into your home by not stacking firewood anywhere near your home, pruning the undergrowth at the foundation and averting dry-rot. But if prevention… Read More »

The mid heeled slingback and why you should get a pair right now! Plus, join the shoe & tell linkup!

2 weeks ago I featured my funky Chie Mihari shoes and uploaded them to Cherie’s Shoe & Tell linkup. They were promptly chosen as her favorite shoes, so here I am co-hosting the linkup this week. I have decided to dedicate this special shoe article to the block heeled slingback. Why? Well, because of this shoe. This Chanel toe… Read More »

Say Goodbye to These 10 Home Design Trends That Are So 2015

pio   vesempre/iStockIt’s hard to think of today’s decor trends with anything other than a myopic view. We have finally perfected interior design! you might think, smugly ensconced within the enveloping folds of your velvet couch while staring at your gallery wall—complete with a faux taxidermy deer head, of course. But never forget the ’70s—or the ’50s, or any decade you find garish. No one… Read More »

The Best Time to Furnish Your Home Is Now—Here’s Why

Now that the holidays are blessedly receding in our rearview mirrors, many of us may be surveying our homes and thinking, “Dang, why did I squander all that money on an Xbox One when we don’t even have a decent couch where we can sit and play “Call of Duty: Black Ops III” in style?” If this lament rings a bell, you’re in… Read More »

The Best Ways to Save Tons of Money on Your Home in 2016

It’s New Year’s resolution time—when we vow to drop 18.5 pounds, start training for a triathlon, cut back on sodium, and maybe even give up our crippling HGTV addiction. What’s that you say? You want to make a resolution you might actually keep?  OK, try this on for size: Resolve to save buckets of cash by making simple changes around your home, sweet home. Whether… Read More »

Here’s How Smart Your Home Can Be in 2016

Everywhere you turn these days, you hear just how “smart” your home can be. In fact, 2016 is being hailed as the year that our homes truly enter the high-tech future, and all that talk about the “Internet of things” becomes more than just blather. Only what exactly does this all mean? What are the new smart objects available for your home, and… Read More »

4 Simple Winter Home Projects That Can Save You Money

Winter is the perfect time to tackle important home projects. But why stop at just improving your home? There are tons of great DIY projects out there that can improve your living situation and save you serious dough. Here are some simple winter projects to help you get started. 1. Update your insulation Insulation helps keep the heat you generate… Read More »

Learning the Lingo: Cabriole, Camelback, and Other Couch Jargon Explained

Few pieces of furniture in your home carry more weight—figuratively or literally—than your couch. If life itself could be distilled into one massive, upholstered home furnishings item, it would be a sofa. So if you’re shopping for one, you’d better know your terminology. There’s an entire universe of styles and options out there, and picking the perfect sofa is… Read More »

The Top 10 Germiest Spots in Your Home—and How to Clean Them

They’re out there—lurking in your shower drain, under the doormat, around your kitchen sink, even in Humbert the Cat’s dinner bowl. Germs may be invisible to the naked eye (if they aren’t then you have a bigger problem than we might be able to help you with), but they’re almost everywhere. Aside from the general nastiness, germs can cause illness… Read More »

How to Pet-Proof Your Home So It Doesn’t Look Like It’s Gone to the Dogs

A pet makes a wonderful addition to any household. Cats and dogs mean furry snuggles and tons of comic relief; they can also teach us all a few things about unconditional love. Unfortunately, they also bring with them some less desirable traits: sloppy table manners, a propensity to break things, and truckloads of animal hair. It’s true, pets can be… Read More »