IIT Madras suspends its placement schedules

By | January 19, 2016

IIT Madras has suspended its placement schedules due to rains. The first phase of the recruitment process had started on Dec 1 and was scheduled to go on until 10. However, due to lack of electricity, and closure of airports and railway stations, the institute has suspended the placement schedule after the first two days.

The institute said that the campus has been relatively free from water logging during the recent rains and power was restored to the campus of IIT Madras on Friday evening. Telephone and Internet communications, which were affected due to the power blackout, have since been restored.
 A statement from IITM said that placement interviews have been suspended due to closure of airports and stations, and lack of electricity. “They are expected to resume as soon as normalcy returns to the city. All students, faculty and staff on campus are safe,” it said.

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