By | August 18, 2016

Most of us use broadband services for accessing net in our workplace. Many of today’s broadband providers claim there’s to be the best broadband internet for your business. But how to judge whether it is actually the best? For this, you have to get a better idea of the functioning of a broadband service.

Broadband basically refers to the very fast access of internet. Using this, one can download things at a speed which is up to 40 times that of the dial-up modem connections. Also, it is constantly at your service unlike the dial-up ones where you need to log in very frequently.

Now let us know how to pick the best broadband service for your business:

  • Keep track of your data: Before you proceed, it is important to calculate how much data is created, stored or analyzed from time to time in your business. This will give you an idea of the type of broadband that you should opt for.
  • Judge by the bandwidth: Bandwidth is the right parameter on the basis of which a broadband connection may be judged. The speed and efficiency of your broadband service will depend on this bandwidth and hence it is the most important factor to look at.
  • Hybrid cloud storage: The broadband service that you opt for should provide a hybrid cloud storage system to the management of data. With this, it will be possible to access both on-site servers and cloud services.
  • The Right Supplier: An internet broadband service can be regarded as the best only when you buy it from the best supplier. You must be comfortable with the supplier and discuss your needs with him. It must be ensured that all your needs like data management, backup and recovery and sending mails are satisfied with the package you opt for. The supplier should never try to oversell the product.
  • Static IP: This is one of the most important requirements of a business. Some broadbands come with a dynamic IP which gets changed with each connection. With a static IP this problem can be overcome since the number remains the same with every connection. As a result, you can run a server, build a website and create an email address directly.
  • Filtering: It should be competent enough for anti-virus and anti-spam filtering.
  • Contention Ratio: It is basically the ratio that indicates the ability of the broadband system to support multiple users. A contention ratio of 20:1 means that 20 users can use this service at the same speed claimed by the package.
  • Download limit: This is the maximum amount of data that you can download using the broadband service under consideration. Download limit is also termed as cap and is expressed in giga bytes.
  • Down time: If you are a domestic user, you may feel annoyed or irritated during down times. But as for a business, it can matter a lot and can have huge effects.

A thorough judgement of all these factors is necessary to determine whether the broadband package you opt for is the best one.

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