Windows Cloud servers of Host1Plus – Review and Features

By | December 14, 2016

By now, we have seen a huge number of hosting providers competing neck to neck and providing similar features, trying to persuade you to host your site on their servers. In this multitude of options, Host1Plus has always stood out among the competitors. Be it the top notch features or flexible price and plans, it has carved a good image in the minds of the consumer. If you are looking for Windows cloud servers, Host1Plus can be a great hosting provider given that it offers complete scalability. You can quickly deploy your site on a solid cloud infrastructure conveniently. Read more to know some of the best features of Host1Plus’s Windows cloud servers.

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Features of Windows Cloud Servers on Host1Plus

Host1Plus Windows Cloud Servers are just fabulous and offers stunning range of features to all its users at affordable pricing. Following are some of the worthy features of Host1Plus that make it the optimal choice for hundreds of developers for deployment of their apps.

Flexible Scaling

Scaling is one of the most important things for any website. The demand of your users can grow manifolds just within a short duration of time and you would need to scale your servers quickly. With Host1Plus, this wouldn’t be a problem at all because it provides a flexible scaling solution for all its Windows cloud servers. Previously, the scalability used to depend on the physical size of the server but things have drastically changed now and you can easily scale your servers as per your requirement.

Quick and Scheduled Backups

In the world of internet, we can’t predict the future and we must stay prepared for every possible outcome. Thus, having scheduled backups is of great importance in today’s time when cyber crimes are on all time high. You can quickly schedule frequent backups so that there is no loss of data even if some mishap happens.

Strong API

Having a strong API goes a long way in creating a useful web application. In the Windows cloud servers provided by Host1Plus they also offer a strong API which can be used to create robust applications to suit your needs. You can avail all the latest cloud networking features and access the web functionality directly. This is one of the best advantages of Host1Plus’s Windows cloud servers.

Custom ISO

Usually no other hosting provider offers custom ISO for their cloud servers but Host1Plus does. With a custom ISO, you can easily mount a configured image on your server. Just run it through the boot and the necessary setup processes just like you would do on a new bare metal server. With such level of control and access to a server, you can’t ask for more.


The pricing for Windows cloud servers by Host1Plus are pretty flexible and offer different choices so that people can buy what they deem fit for their app. For the Win4, the pricing per month is $12.50 and it goes up to $76/month for Win32. You will easily find a cloud server of your choice and available budget from the plans available at Host1Plus. Considering that these are Windows cloud servers, the prices are very economical.

The Last Words

As we have seen, these are some of the best features of Host1Plus’s Windows cloud servers. Host1plus is the top web hosting services for small business. If we consider the pricing and the features together, they are completely worth it. You will hardly find any other service that provides better Windows cloud hosting at a price lower than Host1Plus. If you are planning to get a Windows cloud server for your next app, we strongly recommend you to consider Host1Plus.

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